Controlled risk


Time saving process

Presentation :
The service presented consists of managing clients’ crypto funds based on the
concept of Copy-Trade, the infrastructure of which is designed and maintained by us.
The methods and conservative style of trading we use are characterized by
by a high degree of security and minimizes the risks due to the volatile nature
financial markets and especially the cryptocurrency markets.

Asset management is done remotely by logging into the personal account of the
customer. The connection to the wallet is made following a technical authorization provided by the
client who only allows us to trade crypto assets without being able to withdraw or transfer
any asset available. The client will retain full control over his portfolio and
may at any time unsubscribe from the service.
To ensure a maximum level of security, we have our own
servers and trading engines. The customer is only required to provide us with the API keys containing
the permissions allowing us to trade on his portfolio. These API keys will be
introduced into our secure servers.
The customer is required to create an account with the BINANCE platform which is reputed
to be the most secure platform for cryptocurrencies and trading platform
having the most liquidity. The account is personal and we will never ask from us
provide customer logins and passwords. Also the customer is called to verify are
account using ID and proof of address. We will assist the customer
to configure the API keys.

At the start of membership, the client must only hold the USDT asset in the portfolio. the
starting balance will be entered in our databases as the initial balance. After performing
trades, the new balance in the client portfolio will be entered in our databases as
than current balance. At the end of each session (random period which will be defined by us
depending on the state of the market), we will recognize the gross profits of the portfolio (Current balance

  • Initial balance) and we charge the customer 30% of said profit. The customer will be called to us
    transmit this profit share in usdt.
    Once the session is closed and the profit share is sent to us, the new balance
    will be entered in our databases again as the Initial Balance.

The profit share calculation is only done on the basis of the initial balance. This implies that in
in the event of an occasional loss, we will only request profit share after re-establishing the
balance until the starting balance and make any gains therefrom.

Earnings level
It is impossible and unrealistic to project a predicted rate of gain, however,
our Middle East subsidiary was able to achieve total gains of more than 400% in 18 months. That
obviously is not a promise to achieve this rate. It depends on the condition of the
market and volatility.
Our trading style is conservative. This implies that we do not enter the market
and we only take a position when an opportunity combining the most probabilities
positive presents itself.